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Office Closure - 24th October 2017

Please note that due to a planned power shutdown the office will be closed on Tuesday 24th October. We will have limited access to emails and telephone calls on that day and will do our best to respond as quickly as possible but will be unable to access client records whilst the power is off. If you wish to incept a policy with an effective date of 24th October or make a change to an existing policy from that date please let us know before 5pm on Monday 23rd in order that we can arrange cover. The office will be open as usual on Wednesday 25th October.

Country Life Insurance Brokers has been arranging insurance policies for Individuals and Businesses for over 20 years. Looking after the needs of a huge variety of clients across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London, our staff have tackled everything from the everyday to the extraordinary. It's this variety that is the mainstay and strength of the independent broker....


The Insurance Act 2015 is now in force and has important implications for insurers and the insured.

Country Life is first class – they should win an award!

The service offered by Country Life is first class - they should win an award for customer care. Our requirements were looked at in great detail and perfect policies recommended. They showed unending patience in ensuring everything was in order, a godsend if you're busy running a business...